Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Eid 2013

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Eid 2013 (2)Eid is a festival of many emotions and everyone has their own way of coming together to celebrate Eid, but the best way a woman can celebrate is expressing style and fashion appetite by applying few of these latest mehndi designs that can boost their style statement. Fresh Mehndi designs 2013, can be seen in Arabic, Pakistani and Indian styles. The most famous ones are seen with trellis work or lattice worked patterns in traditional silhouettes of paisleys, rectangular blocks, birds face with elaborate tails, circles and flowers.

Keep your strokes medium, which means not too fine or very thick use and ensure to fill in all the big silhouettes with dots, checkers, lines or swirl patterns. If you happen to be a new bride, you have all the liberty to go for more elaborate with latest Mehndi styles to cover your legs till knee and hands till your arms. Go experimental, with ideas for Mehndi designs 2013 and create your own Mehndi style statement making your Eid celebration special this year too,


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