Women Phulkari Latest Winter Collection 2014 By Taana Baana

 Women Phulkari Latest Winter Collection 2014 By Taana Baana (4)Phulkari by Taana Baan is a well known and stylish fashion designer in fashion world. Phulkari by Taana Baan is a brand newly created in our country. Phulkari by Taana Baanah began their work of mode in 2012. Phulkari is a traditional pattern of weaving of the Punjab. Phulkari poster work in various exhibitions everywhere. Phulkari by Taana Baan added beautiful floral prints in beautiful shades. In this collection of printed and embroidered dresses have been added. This latest fashion trend collection of long shirts a-line with the fashion of the pants is lit up. In this beautiful collection, beautiful engravings were added in bright and vibrant shades such as red, green, Brown, blue, yellow etc. Phulkari by Taana Baan used embroidery in their clothes, which make this collection perfect for casual clothes and the party. Now we saw some stylish images of this beautiful collection here below,

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